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Learn Thai V3.0 is a desktop software application designed to run on Microsoft Windows systems with the Microsoft .NET framework installed. The program's main purpose is to help students of Thai language to understand spoken Thai and to read written Thai.

Learn Thai V3.0 has a similar feel to our earlier Thai language software learning tools, and has several enhanced features, such as online lesson sharing, a new self testing interface for the student, and the Type Thai text processor.

Please download Learn Thai V3.0 today for a thorough evaluation.

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The whole of Learn Thai V3.0's database may be viewed as an alphabetical list, or it may be viewed according to various categories. Once a word or phrase is selected, the accompanying audio example may be played using keyboard or mouse controls.

Note: Prior to software registration, the program has access to a limited number of vocabulary and audio examples.

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Travellers - Did you think that after India anywhere else would be a piece of cake?  Well at least most people in India speak English.  To avoid feeling too 'lonely' in Thailand why not arrive prepared and ready to engage the locals in a little conversation.


Expats - Do you know enough Thai already, or is your 'better half' bored of trying to drum those correct pronunciations into your head? Try this program out and reduce your stress levels.

Language Students

Language Students - Studying Thai at a language school? Now you can complement your school study program at home with our software tool, adapting it to your lesson plan.  If you are willing to take advantage of the convenience of the audio database, then your teacher will notice an improvement in your ability during lesson time.


Tourists - Learning some Thai language before you visit Thailand is recommended because it will give you more freedom and independence. Knowledge of spoken Thai will not guarantee that you get the best prices in the market, but it doesn't hurt to know how to ask. Most importantly you will be able to appreciate the Thai people more, and they will certainly appreciate you.

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   mây rúu reûang - Do not understand.

   mây - not

   rúu - know


   reûang - story, situation



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