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Welcome to our Online Audio Dictionary.

You may look up words here and listen to them spoken in Thai by a native Thai speaker.

Most of the words are spoken by Kittiya. The male voices that you hear in the dictionary are spoken by Sitta and Top.

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Dictionary Information:

Word or phrase entries:  1,999
Audio Clips (some are common to more than one entry):  1,878

The first lesson to learn is that politeness is a very important cultural element of spoken Thai.  You will hear Kittiya speak the khà word at the end of most of the phrases. Khà is the word that females use to convey politeness and respect.  To listen to the male version of this word, which is khráp, just look up the word polite.  Some newcomers may feel that the use of the khà word is overdone - it is not.  You must accustom yourself to the frequency that these words are used and train yourself to say the appropriate polite word (khráp or khà) when you speak Thai.

Look up an English word and then try breaking down a Thai phrase that is returned.   Do this by copying and pasting individual Thai words into the search box and then click look up.  This will give you a feel for sentence construction and show where words are used in different phrases.

Some phrases have been broken down to give their constituent parts meaning.  These parts might not normally be spoken on their own, and so the audio that accompanies them may contain the whole phrase.

Beware that some words with different meanings and spellings in Thai sound the same and their phonetic Thai transliterations look the same.

About Look Up:

If the look up term entered consists of many words then the dictionary might not return accurate results.  Try short phrases or individual words, and experiment with Broad and Narrow search modes.  For more information please refer to the Help guide.

If the word is not found then please check your spelling and try again.

If you are trying to look up a phonetic Thai word then please consider the phonetic system that we use. The dictionary will return results for a word search based upon common phonetic representations. Click here for more information on the English and non-English characters used to represent Thai words and their tones.

To enable the look up of words in Thai script please click here.



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